I love audiobooks! They are such a practical and enjoyable way to make books an even bigger part of your life than they are now. I “read” the complete Spiderwick Chronicles this way. I particularly enjoyed the first two books: The Field Guide and The Seeing Stone. This may be because I was making a gingerbread house and baking Christmas cookies at the time. It could also be that the characters and situations were exciting in context, and could be easily be related to by any child or adult. Humanity reigned in the beginning; fantasy roared at the end. Courage, thinking outside the box, sibling dynamics, the effect of divorce, why people are thought of as “crazy”—all of these were well explored throughout the series.

For a target age group of 6-10, however, violence, and at times cruelty, were graphic and intense. Mark Hamill’s voice acting no doubt accentuated this, so each child would likely be bringing different levels of “scary” to the stories. All things considered, this series was excellent. I love learning from fantastic writers like Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.

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