Zig Ziglar wasn’t my favorite writer, speaker, or motivator. He wasn’t on my list of dream mentors. He isn’t the voice in my head coaching me from failure to success. 

But Zig Ziglar changed my life.    

He was the first positive motivator I was exposed to as a child. His books were on our shelves, but it was really the cassette tapes we played on long car trips that I remember. Some of those tapes had a pure entertainment factor for my brother and me. That zippy, Mississippi accent sharing corny stories and jokes was a favorite to imitate.

Check out this video of Zig - classic energy and presentation style. In all seriousness, if you haven't heard the story of David and Bernie Lofchick, I HIGHLY recommend watching this video....
But for all the corny stories, one-liners, and crazy-sounding phrases, Zig’s core message seeped into my being: 
  • You are unique, amazing, and gifted. 
  • You can achieve anything you want. 
  • God wants you to have a prosperous, fulfilling life and to help others have it too. 
  • Never give up. 
  • Nothing is impossible.
It was years before I realized the scientific underpinnings of some of his homespun wisdom. As a psychology student, I became even more convinced that my thoughts have an enormous impact on my mind, body, and spirit. I learned about the psychology and physiology of positivity, perseverance and resilience. The quest to more fully explore and understand this is shaping my life and is the basis of my desire to help others.

Beginnings are very important. They can often be overcome, but it is nice when they don’t have to be. Zig was my beginning….

The doors he opened, the first inklings he stirred, the encouragement he gave, made me seek authors, researchers, speakers, and mentors even more suited to my purpose.

So here’s to you, Hilary Hinton Ziglar. You were quite an original! Thanks for being 111% yourself:)


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