Chances are, if you were a French child, your shoes would have been outside....waiting for Saint Nicolas to fill them with little gifts and sweets:)

Chances are also pretty high that if you were a person of any age around Alsace, Lorraine, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, or Brittany, you would be gloriously entrenched in celebrating La fête de Saint Nicolas at this very moment.

Of course, you needn't be French to celebrate this holiday. Holly from The Three Sided Wheel Blog wrote a lovely post a couple of years back about how she incorporates the celebration of Saint Nicolas into her family. (The cute shoe photo at the top is hers:) 

While my family and I didn't  celebrate the Eve of St. Nicolas in the traditional French custom, we did create a new tradition.....the First Annual Christmas Cookie Competition. It was so much fun! We made ninjabread cookies (gingerbread ninjas) and melty snowfriends.....the two featured here were created by my brother (who just happens to be named Nicholas:) He even figured out how to leave a kiss on the snowman's cheek! 
We handed out prizes for lots of bizarre cookie categories and had a fun time together:) 

What about you? Are you trying out any new traditions this Christmas? Are they inspired by your heritage or by your brother's sense of humor? I highly recommend both inspirational sources:)



01/06/2013 6:26am

Hey Megan! We met at the Tampa SCBWI local meeting a month or so ago and you gave me a card. Just now getting around to stopping by. Great website! And cool pic with the former First Lady!

Hope you had a nice Xmas! And happy 2013!! :D


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