"This is our ball pit...we can talk about whoever we want!"

"I have a flipper tooth!" 

"OK - but nothing with spit."

These are just a few of the hilarious snippets scattered throughout the personal interactions of various strangers who start out sharing a ball pit, and end up sharing so much more.

What could be more unusual, more absurd than stepping into a giant ball pit with a complete stranger, answering questions scribbled on balloons? Perhaps not much. But as you will see in this video, sometimes we have to break out of our routine, maybe even do something absurd, to become a bit more open, a smidge more compassionate, and perhaps just a touch more wise.

As the girl afraid to scuba dive said, "...normally you don't hang out with strangers in ball pits..." 

Yes, that is true. And now I'm starting to feel that normal needs to change...


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