Did you hear? The US Chamber of Commerce and Free Enterprise have teamed up to create The Best Summer Job in America! The winners of the contest will spend two months traversing this amazing country the way it was meant to be seen...from behind the wheel of a classic car. Goodbye jetways and airport terminals, Hello Route 66! My brother Nick and I entered and are truly hoping to win:)

Check out our video entry and let us know what towns you want to be on the itinerary!

Nick and I have put quite a few miles down the road of life together already. We enjoy traveling, starting small businesses, and meeting people together. If we earn the privilege of working together on the Best Summer Job in America, we are most excited about shining the spotlight on the unsung heroes of the American Dream: small business owners. We will also be checking out the flavor of local restaurants, as well as investigating local legends...I'm really  hoping this is the summer I finally find Bigfoot!

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