Things will be much safer around my house when Thanksgiving is over….. 

I am not sure what your hometown has looked like for the last few weeks, but even before Halloween, my town has been decking the halls, pushing the gifts, and driving my well-adjusted brother, well, a little bit crazy.    

In fact, here he is, trying to sneak out of town…
It’s funny how you assume you know the people you have shared your life with so long, and then one sentence just throws you for a loop. My moment happened last year when Nick said five words: “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.” [Insert vinyl record screeching sound.] 

He went on to say that he loved Thanksgiving because it was a no-pressure family holiday – just a day to eat lots of great food, watch the parade and football, play games, and acknowledge how incredibly blessed we all are. He was really on to something! So, I promised on the spot to basically boycott Christmas with him until we had Thanksgiving’ed the heck out of Turkey Day! (And with the exception of singing along to some Christmas songs on the radio after expressing my horror that they were already playing and brewing some Decaf Christmas Blend Coffee from Starbucks, it was basically Solidarity Central in my world:)

I am constantly learning from my family, when I take the time to listen. Being in the moment is something that can take refocusing on my part, yet seems to come so easily to my fun-loving brother. 

So thanks Nick - thanks for all the great things you bring into my life. Thanks for helping me slow down and soak up the beauty of holiday at a time. As I express gratitude to God and to those around me this year, you are at the top of the list:)

(After all, there is plenty of time to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, and Hello Kitty Day:) Hello Kitty Day official yet? I mean, not that I celebrate it or anything;)

11/23/2012 9:48am

Thanksgiving this year was all that we hoped--and even Nick is ready to head into the Christmas season! I guess we did it right! (The only thing we missed was making hand in the picture! I remember making those when we were growing up!

Well...there's always next year :)


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