"'Daddy - is it really true that they used to fly to the moon when you were a boy?' 

That shook me, and it still does. It shook me because that's how a dark age begins. A dark age is not just when you as a civilization have forgotten how to do something; it's when you forget that you ever could..." - Jeff Greason, Rocket Man.

I cannot imagine a better way to start a new day, a new month, a new quarter than by investing 15 minutes absorbing this video. It is difficult to encapsulate the manifold life-altering concepts shared in this inspiring and empowering presentation...when you watch this, please share the most important to you! 
*Photo Credit: Vintage illustration from A TOM CORBETT Space Cadet Adventure


05/06/2013 11:55am

Wow. It actually did change my life to watch this video just now. (If you think I'm exaggerating, watch the video all the way through!) I hadn't even imagined some of the future possibilities he talked about...not since I was a kid.

Freedom, and growth, and hope through change...not to mention Space Travel For Everyone Someday! Absolutely fantastic video. Thank you for sharing.

05/06/2013 1:36pm

I'm glad that Jeff's video spoke to you! Looking at deep space photos or thinking about space travel is something that helps me quickly break out of whatever mental rut I am in...glad to share this post with you:)


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